>>WINDOW INSTALLATION - A home’s heat loss (and heat infiltration) occurs through windows. New advances in technology and design have dramatically improved the performance of energy-efficient windows. Glass coatings, gas fills, warm edge spacers and improved framing materials enable ENERGY STAR qualified windows to deliver more benefits than simple double-paned windows.

Reasons to install energy-efficient windows:

  • ENERGY STAR qualified windows save you energy and money
  • Efficient windows keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • ENERGY STAR qualified windows help protect your possessions from sun damage

Retrofitting a house with high- performance windows can produce significant energy savings and improved comfort. However, when the right window is installed incorrectly--or worse yet, the wrong window is installed incorrectly--energy savings will be few, structure and furnishings may be damaged, and the occupants' safety may be jeopardized. The energy retrofitter needs to understand more than U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients when choosing and installing a window. Do you plan to install energy efficient windows anytime soon? Contact South Coast Inc! We can help you choose and install the window that is right for you.


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